Between peace and war: a final chapter

Perhaps the most prominent theme of this world is the talk of war that coincides with the global peace plan. One of its most prominent problems is the lack of knowledge of the younger generation of the underlying difference between wars and peace schemes. Is there any point in this difference?

Despite the wars that people have gone through for decades to this day, the leaders of countries are still looking for a problem that will lead them to declare war on their brothers on this planet. Thus, war is one of the worst produced by conflicts inherent in different views and diversity of peoples. War is a tool resulting from the love of tyranny among those responsible for states and the establishment of colonies. Nor has this instrument changed as the world develops, but has multiplied the reasons for its creation with renewable and non-renewable resources such as oil, gas and water resources. Therefore, these wars have not and will not stop, although there is a plan to end these permanent conflicts.

Today, peace is also a necessary principle to avoid what peoples and previous generations have produced. Perhaps the efforts of the United Nations to spread peace have produced no attempt to persuade peoples to abandon universal and social selfishness. “The leaders of the countries begin and end the war with agreement after deciding the fate of the people,” the ICC president said. States have established several treaties to avoid war, but the culture of youth still adopts the same way as officials to deal with problems that can be solved by easy negotiations.

So it remains for young people in our society today to think about solutions to what their ancestors left behind and to seek to give hope to the youth of the future. Young people must open negotiations and open up to Arab and foreign cultures to learn from the painful history of the peoples who have passed through this land, which has been and will continue to be the subject of conflicts.

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