Armenia- Azerbaijan Clash: Conflict of Interest?

The dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan on Nagorno-Karabakh region intensifies each day. Hundreds have been wounded since 2016 in the South Caucasus which is the crucial routes for oil and gas to international market. It attracts  western and regional concerns for the reason of transferring oil and gas by pipes along Nagorno-Karabakh region. Turkey and Russia are the main actors defending Azerbaijan position. This State has the right and integrity on its territorial. But, Armenian Government has another point of view consisting in protecting ethnical Armenians in this region. For this purpose, Armenian government has mobilized martial law. 

In addition, States and International Organizations consist on settlement of the dispute with peaceful means because Human Life is all what matter. 

In contradiction, States influenced by oil and gas transferring are defending state integrity of Azerbaijan. 

We Hope this clash will be solved soon in peaceful means without losing any person life. We recommend to take this conflict to the International Court of Justice in order to solve this dispute legally in accordance to International Law. 

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